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The Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America
An umbrella blacksmith organiztion. They put on large conferences every two years and publish two magizines - one devoted to technique and the other to current work.

New England Blacksmiths Association
The NEB puts on two smaller blacksmithing meets each year and publishes a small news letter.

Herefordshire College of Technology
Great how-to books on blacksmithing, now available to download.

Vermont Folklife Center
Aprenticship program dedicated to promoting the continuation of traditional arts.

Cady's Falls Nursery
My parents nursery.

ROOTS - Reclaiming Our Origins Through primitive Skills
Pre-iron age skills.


Practical Projects for the Blacksmith
By Ted Tucker
Rodale Press
A good book to begin with. It has good instructions for the projects and a glossary. The focus is on American colonial style forging. Tucker has a good eye for practical beauty and even experienced smiths may find themselves browsing this book for inspiration.

New Edge of the Anvil
By Jack Andrews
Skipjack Press
This book has a little of everything. From basic instruction and shop setup to blacksmith portfolios, design theory and metallurgy.

Professional Smithing
By Donald Streeter
Streeter was an amazing blacksmith and this is one of my favorite books. This book focuses on Streeter's methods of making high quality colonial reproductions and has great informative photographs. Beginners may be frustrated at the lack of basic instruction.

Werk und Werkzeug des Kuntschmieds
By Otto Shmirler
This one has German, English and French text but the best part is the pictures. It is a photo library of traditional hand tools and techniques side by side with corresponding details of exquisite German ironwork.

Early American Wrought Iron
By Albert H. Sonn
Bozantia Books
The classic design source for reproduction hardware. This book is a tome full of sketches -- mostly colonial period ironwork of southern New England. Each sketch has a sentence or two detailing its age, location, and dimensions. This book goes in and out of print and is sometimes hard to find.