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Bean Latch

Catalog items

1) Print out the order form. (PDF or JPG)

2) Fill it out.

3) Send it with a check.

I will contact you if the ship time is longer than four weeks.

You can also give your order by e-mail or phone if you want me to e-mail back a quote. Please note that credit cards are not accepted at this time.

Grill Custom orders

The following is an outline of how commissioned work usualy proceeds. Situations vary from one project to the next so this is to give only a general idea of what to expect.

Very small pieces, reproduction work and projects designed by others often skip some or all of the design steps, and large projects inevitably add more steps.

The first step is to call or e-mail. This gets the process going.

The next step is usualy a visit to the studio to discuss the project and do some sketching, looking at any books, drawings and studies from past projects that may be relevant. It is helpful to have rough dimensions and photos of the area to give an idea of the context in which the piece will be placed. It is also helpful to have a rough budget at this time. Due to the unpredictable nature of design work, the designing process must be complete before a firm time line or price can be given.

If meeting is not practical, these things can be discussed by phone and e-mail.

Generally, the next step is for the discussion to be pulled together into a drawing (or drawings) accompanied by a quote and a rough timeline. At this time it may be necessary to do a site visit and take measurements. It is sometimes helpful to make a study that conveys how the drawing will translate into iron. Design work is invoiced by the hour.

Once the final drawing and quote is approved and a 50% deposit is received, the forging begins. At this point a firm schedule can be given for the completion of the work.

When the project is complete, arangements are made for pickup or delivery. Full payment is due at this time.

I generally do not wire or install pieces.

Lead time can vary greatly, so it is best to make contact as early as is practical.

If you want to learn more about my work, feel free to visit. I am happy to show my portfolio, studies and work in progress at my shop. Please call ahead.